The Best for Last


Time flies when you’re having fun…Especially when deep in your heart you know you will have to leave a place that has been everything you expected and more. At the University of Florida not only have I met the wonderful people that are in my life right now but I have discovered my passion for life; become a journalist who tells stories of people who would have no voice and tell to tell stories of people who have a passion for something as great or greater than the passion I have for what I do; tell stories. At UF the Center for Media Innovation and Research has brought me and other dear friends and colleagues to pursue their dreams and share their vision. An amazing and inspiring friend of mine, Nick Torres, is a Colombian rapper whose Catholic music has and continues to inspire the young and the old. But, amazing stories about people like Nick aren’t always told and thanks to the CMIR he is featured under their student projects section where we can see a three-minute video and learn about who he is and the story he wants to share with the world.

I feel proud of being a Gator but more importantly I feel proud to have had the opportunity to work with colleagues and professors who have shared their passion and resources with me.




The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

I’m usually always reading about food or trying to figure out where I can find the best produce. But this time I had to really get out of my comfort zone, and to my surprise The Tipping Point turned out better then I expected. I never stopped to notice that the “tipping point” happens everyday, in front of us and we don’t even realize it. For instance, has anyone noticed how everyone on the University of Florida campus wears gym clothes to school every day as regular attire. Well I guess who is to say what regular or normal attire is but it is definitely a trend I have noticed, and I’m not the only one that has done so. My boyfriend, Elijah currently attends Santa Fe College for Nursing, he too notices his peers always dressing in the same sort of style. He’s been on our campus a few times and pointed out the same trend. Of course I am no where near qualified to tell you why this happened, or when was the “tipping point” but after reading Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point, I can definitely believe that little things, situations, ideas or a few people can make a big difference. Just how at UF the sports style wear is popular; the Hush Puppies shoe trend also became popular in Manhattan out of the blue. Interestingly enough, Gladwell points out that this shoe trend was started by a few a handfuls of teenagers who started wearing the shoes and caused a shift in sales.  It took a group of “opinion makers” to wear the shoes. Others saw them and copied the style.  After a few fashion designers used them, “Hush Puppies” reached the “tipping point” which caused this brand of shoe to take off in sales and till today still exits in stores everywhere.

As the book continues on, Gladwell also highlights the importance of “stickiness” and he says that we spend a lot of time trying to convey messages to people that will impact them or stay with them so they wont forget. This idea reminds me of something I do everyday: write compelling stories that will stick and grab my audiences’ attention. Every time I write and edit a news package I have to think about a way to deliver the facts in a way that impacts my viewer and make them care about the story I’m telling. Similarly is what the creators of Blues Clues did along with Sesame Street, and like Gladwell says these people wanted to do, in essence, was create a “learning epidemic”. Like children who look away when they are confused, my audience also does the same if they are watching something they cant understand or isn’t simply “sticky” enough. Gladwell also talks about Blues Clues, and as a child who didn’t understand very much English, I would tune in and watch the episodes hours on end.  The show had an easy story line and what helped me understand it more was that the characters names were called by the same exact object they were. For example, the dog was blue and his name was Blue, the salt and pepper and the mailbox, just to name a few. Like Gladwell point out the “stickiness” factor plays a huge role in the “tipping point”. Overall, out of the three main rules, these two were my favorite and I was able to relate, that’s why it stuck to me.

the snooping continues…

After drinking hot chocolate and eating my Mother’s famous pork chops …I definitely cant skip out on the exercise. Sometime times I’m running on 4 hours of sleep, but today I started my day bright and early, went to do stadiums and after a very long our of that my foot was in a it of pain. Then I realized wow, Shannon McCarthy is so right! You definitely need to pay attention to the kind of shoe you wear before you go running for long distances or even doing stadiums like did this morning. Like Shannon I’d say I’m a mild over pronator with wider feet, except I also have really flat feet so after running for a while the bottom of my foot starts to cramp up.  Honestly I don’t know how football players endure it. Clearly I’m not so concerned about the stats or who has a better overall attack like Mike Biana shows us in his blog. I guess there is a lot more to football than I thought…I’ll admit it, I just love the sweaty uniforms, especially the tight pants. Sorry Mike I cant help it. Finally after such a long workout…I just want to hop in the shower and relax, that is until my tummy growls, and right before I’m reaching for my Mom’s pan con lechon I think about what Alexa Padilla says, you can eat something tasty without it being 1000 calories. I love the recipe she posted about apples and peanut butter…well guys I’m going to help myself wit some now. 

I’ve been doing some snooping around

I love to cook, you probably know this by now…but I also love to travel! I love to travel and eat delicious food I can find when I’m there. In Ashley Stout’s blog I found a bunch of cool travel tips from knowing how to pack to saving Money on excursions, and it just inspired me to take a trip over spring break! But like Lysette Portales says, you don’t need to go far to have a good time. Being from Miami I’m not so far from Key West and although I’ve been to the Keys a bunch of times I dodn’t know the duck tour even existed. And speaking of tours, always expect the unexpected. When I went to Cancun over four years ago I met a famous Mexican singer, Ana Barbara, which my family says I look like but I’m not so sure? I hate to admit it though, I love celerity news and TV shows that host famous celebrities, or good-looking ones at that. At Kat Sardi’s blog I find exactly what I need when I’m raving celerity news and TV shows that I might be interested in. 

All about me!

I was born October 4th 1990 in Matanzas, Cuba in a small town called Perico. My mother named me Janny, a name she saw in a novela, go figure it’s actually pronounced as if it were written with an H like honey. Besides wearing bows bigger than my head, I was also hand in hand around town, so I was not a shy little girl at all. Growing up in Cuba I was enveloped by a society where everyone knew one another. Playing on the streets and dancing in the rain was routine for me and every other kid on the block. But my parents knew once I grew up there would be no future for me in Cuba so when I was eight years old we embarked on a raft determined to fashion a life in the promising land of the United States, and subsisted for days in the Atlantic Ocean, sustained only by rotting floors, with an absence of shelter and limited quantities of food and fresh water. Despite the hardships, we made it to the land I now call home. Growing up in Miami and surrounded by family was heartening, but learning a new language was not. I was placed in ESOL classes, a program for non-English speakers, and slowly but surely caught up to the other kids. I went to Henry H. Filer Middle in Hialeah, where I grew up, then Hialeah High School, where I met two of my best friends, Evelyn Diaz, and an amazing teacher, mentor, and artist Tom Virgin. After graduation I came up to Gainesville, and joined the Gator Nation. Two years ago I had the wonderful opportunity to study abroad to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I had an amazing experience to say the least. It was an honor to represent the Gators abroad and learn from a culture so similar to my own. And Speaking of being a proud Gator, UF has been my home away from home. I am currently a Telecommunications-News student and I spend more hours than I should at Weimer Hall, maybe because I love what I do. Besides working as a reporter for WUFT TV I also co-host a Latin prime time radio show very Friday night called Viernes Social. I feel blessed to have met so many wonderful people along the way and grateful for all the love and helped I have received. Of course my family has been there for the ride and although they are in Miami, my mothers home cooking is always present. Thanks to her cooking has become one of my favorite pastimes and what inspired me to start this blog! 

It’s not delivery, it’s BaitDeJour

Don’t settle for delivery! Make it your own and get exactly what you want. This week I’ve been a little pressed for time. When I have to feed a certain someone, my boyfriend, “I can’t cook today” isn’t going to cut it. So, to trick him I came up with a treat that I call the perfect Gator Bait. It’s super simple. I go to the supermarket, buy a ball of pizza dough, some tomato sauce, your preference, and head over to the deli to get all the meats I want. After, I head to the vegetable section and select the veggies I like the most. Of course, don’t forget the cheese!


At the Deli: hard salami, capicola, pepperoni, and tavern ham.

Fresh Produce: one onion, one green pepper, and mushrooms.

Roll out the dough and start layering with ingredients. Bake at 350 degrees. Enjoy and tell everyone it took you an entire day to make the dough, sauce, and give me some credit, say its chefs’s Janny Rodriguez‘ recipe.

Trick or Treat?

It’s Don’t Make Me Think all over again! How nice is it when websites make it easy for us to search and find what we are looking for. I know I don’t leave this site but it has everything you are looking for and more. CNN on the web is easy to search because it has all of their information organized in tabs. One of my favorites is the health tab, but I absolutely love the travel tab. As I was checking it out this week I found something other than what people do every year, Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. So if you have kids or not you can explore six destinations with a dark side. You’ll have the opportunity to visit plenty of museums and cemeteries to spook the entire family.